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Art Director

We just keep growing. It’s amazing. Seriously. And if we had to boil our success down, it really comes down to great clients and remarkable people. Not good or solid. But truly remarkable people doing amazing things day after day, month after month, and year after year. It’s a tall order to find new people, because our kind of people tend to be really hard to find.

Are you ready to step out of the shadows? 

We’re looking for a remarkable art director with 2-3 years experience. But, we know that sometimes remarkable comes in non-traditional packages. If you think you’ve got the stuff, don’t let “years of experience” stop you, read on.

So, what constitutes remarkable? We’re glad you asked.

Well, to start you can't be an ass or an egomaniac.

You should hate, hate, hate boring. The last thing this world needs is another boring anything.

You’d be surprised but just those two mandatories disqualify so many possible candidates. We told you remarkable was hard to find.

Still reading? That’s a good sign.

We're not looking for just an art director; we're looking for a craftsperson. Someone who understands that a big part of success is thinking big, then rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty. And by "dirty" we mean: graphite, ink or even blood from a mean callous that split on your pointer finger from overusing a stylus pen or mouse.

Ok, so for those of you who just love a bulleted list here you go.


Drive winning ideas forward.

Work closely with copywriters, ACD’s, CD’s to maintain an understanding of clients’ business challenges related to creative work and brand voice.

Work on design and layouts to develop and produce a strong, effective, and on-brief advertising campaign across multiple media platforms.

Concept creation and development, design direction, management and execution of overall visual language.

Work across teams regarding branding and visual hierarchy including interactive, pre- and post-production video, social and photography direction.

Interpret and apply brand identity standards effortlessly across all mediums.

Create and present creative concepts and design processes to clients, soliciting feedback and collaboration with clients and teams to ensure effective visual communications.


Exceptional portfolio that displays strong understanding of design principles.

Experience in digital, video and print.

A work ethic that makes people wonder if you sleep at the office. (Not that you will. We’ve got a really great work/life balance thing going on here).

The ability to take constructive critiques of your work by client and co-worker alike in stride.

Self-motivated to do incredible work.

You should love design and love to design. It should show in your work.

2 - 3 years agency experience.

You should be brilliant at Photoshop. Not proficient, good or even great — brilliant. They should be your bitches. Same goes for Illustrator and InDesign. Actually, strike that. You should be amazing at finding and using whatever tools you need to make your ideas sing.

It would be great if After Effects and Premiere were a little scared of you too. You haven’t beat them yet, but you’ve had some experience and are looking forward to dominating them as well.

You still here? We’ve got to be honest we’re impressed and excited that you might be one of the few.

How to apply

If you want to become our new art director, here are a few simple steps you should take:

1. Look at our website. It outlines our philosophy, clients, work, etc. Do your homework. Then, if you get an interview, you can ask us smart questions.

2. Give us your resumé, website, glamour shot, or whatever your version of self-promotion looks like. Design it well, and again, don't be boring. Send it to with the header “Art Director”. Oh, and make sure the work you send is not the work you think we'll think is OK. Show us the work you love. Show us what makes you remarkable.

About Us

Paradowski is a full-service creative agency based in St. Louis, Missouri, with offices in Kansas City and Cologne, Germany. If you dropped by the agency right now, you’d find roughly 70 writers, designers, strategists, producers and developers working on all kinds of amazing stuff. We build brands, campaigns and digital experiences for some of the largest companies on the planet, as well as some of the smallest, not-for-profit organizations. Basically, we do work we believe in for clients we believe in. You can learn more about us at