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Associate Creative Director/Art

Let’s be honest, everyone wants to be a CD. Just imagine the chance to stand in front of a brick wall with your arms folded in every agency photo op.

The endless meetings. The managing of egos. The endless meetings. It’s all gold. But, how about a gig that cuts down on the meetings and allows you to have the best part of the CD title – mentoring creatives while still doing the work that you love?

Here at Paradowski we’re unlike most agencies. To be honest the CD role is pretty much the opposite of what was described in the above snarky paragraph. Sure, there’s meetings, but we’ve found a way to minimize them. But this isn’t about our CDs, it’s about you, our new associate creative director.

What are you looking for? Let’s do away with the B.S. that usually fills these job postings. Let’s be honest.

Are you someone who is constantly curious? Do you love seeing an idea all the way through from concept to production? Are you someone who knows that selling work well is the real key to getting great work done? Are you someone that has a sincere desire to help others succeed and in doing so make our agency a great place to work?

If you’ve got 6-8 years of design/ art direction experience, a portfolio that demonstrates the appropriate level of craftsmanship with a little management experience thrown in, we’d love to talk.


Originate innovative, creative ideas quickly on (often) limited budgets

Create unparalleled design and “holy shit that’s unbelievable” experiences

Assist Creative Director in evaluating creative work products

Translate ideas across various media (TV, Digital, Print, Experiential, Branded Content, Social)

Maintain and support all company standards

Periodically lead and coordinate projects

Serve as a positive example to creative staff, especially designers and art directors

Perform other duties and projects as assigned


Strong portfolio that showcases highly conceptual abilities and excellent design skills

Knowledge of content marketing principles

Ability to professionally engage with and take criticism from clients.

Strong presentation skills with the ability to persuade

Experience leading projects

The desire and ability to work collaboratively with a cross-functional team (designers, strategists and developers)

Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience

Experience across multiple media (Digital, Print, Video, Branded Content, Social)

Please submit a cover letter, resume and portfolio samples to

About Us 

Paradowski is a full-service creative agency based in St. Louis, Missouri. If you dropped by the agency right now, you’d find roughly 70 writers, designers, strategists, producers and developers working on all kinds of amazing stuff. We build brands, campaigns and digital experiences for some of the largest companies on the planet, as well as some of the smallest, not-for-profit organizations. Basically, we do work we believe in for clients we believe in. In 2015 we were named the Fastest Growing Company in St. Louis. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about our culture, philosophy, clients and work.