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Production Artist

Paradowski is on the hunt for a production artist to carry projects over the finish line like the fate of all brandkind depends on it. (Some days, it does.)

So what does a production artist at Paradowski actually do? And how does this role differ from other creative positions? GREAT questions. I’m super glad you asked.

Allow me to oversimplify: If an art director is an architect, the production artist is a general contractor. They’re mutually invested in seeing the project through, but while the art director focuses on the concept, the production artist applies left brain thinking to execute right brain excellence. As the production artist, you’re the one ensuring structural perfection based on a blueprint so the whole thing doesn’t collapse.

It’s a big damn deal.

Let’s be clear. The production artist is not an inferior version of an art director. They fulfill a distinct and critical role in the lifecycle of a project. We love our production artists. Mostly because when a project becomes a massive headache, the production artist is often the first to relieve it.

So join us. Be our ibuprofen.


Work with art directors, creative directors, and account folks to see creative concepts through to the end

Expertly roll campaign thinking out across platforms

Build presentations and collateral that make the creative work shine

Interpret and apply brand identity standards effortlessly across all mediums

Prepare final, press-ready files based on vendor-supplied specifications

Roll up those sleeves and get shit done every damn day


2+ years of experience in production, art, artsy production, productive art, or a related discipline—preferably in an agency setting

Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and presentation software

Self-motivated to do incredible work

A health balance of right and left brain thinking that tends to veer toward the left

A work ethic that makes people wonder if you sleep at the office (...not that you will. We’ve got a really great work/life balance thing going on here.)

A willingness to absorb precise directions and run with it, while asking the right questions to deliver on those directions

The ability to take constructive critiques of your work in stride—by client and co-worker alike

A close attention to details and patience. Lots of patience.

You still here? We’re impressed and excited that you made it this far. Might as well apply.

How to apply

If you want to become our new production artist, here are a few simple steps you should take:

1. Look at our website. It outlines our philosophy, clients, work, etc. Do your homework. Then, if you get an interview, you can ask us smart questions.

2. Give us your resumé, website, glamour shot, or whatever your version of self-promotion looks like. Design it well, and again, don't be boring. Send it to with the header “Production Artist”. Oh, and make sure the work you send is not the work you think we'll think is OK. Show us the work you love. Show us what makes you remarkable.

About Us

Paradowski is a full-service creative agency based in St. Louis, Missouri. If you dropped by the agency right now, you’d find roughly 90 writers, designers, strategists, producers and developers working on all kinds of amazing stuff. We build brands, campaigns and digital experiences for some of the largest companies on the planet, as well as some of the smallest, not-for-profit organizations. Basically, we do work we believe in for clients we believe in. In 2015 we were named the Fastest Growing Company in St. Louis. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about our culture, philosophy, clients and work.