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Addy Nemes

Contrary to her reserved and measured demeanor, Addy has an appetite for adrenaline.

Take scuba diving for example. Exploring a clear blue ocean would be more than enough adventure for most of us. Addy on the other hand used her certification to go night diving in Honduras. You read that correctly: scuba diving, at night, in a foreign country. Just thinking about it is enough to make one shudder.  

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Addy with her twin brother, Mark.

This desire for thrill presents a paradox. You see, Addy is probably one of the more responsible people you will ever meet. She is a young women with a sharp attention to detail, an undying work ethic and brings a thoughtful consideration to everything she does. But upon further reflection, one can see how this adventurous spirit suits her well. 

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If you’re going to jump out of plane, kayak through whitewater rapids or swim with sharks—trustworthiness and level-headedness can be lifesaving qualities. If you must risk your life, invite someone responsible and reliable like Addy. 

As an aside, if anyone reading this has access to one of those cages people use to swim in the water with Great White Sharks, give Addy a call. Apparently floating in the sea with monstrous, bloodthirsty beasts is an experience she’s open to.   

Even when pursuing activities of leisure, Addy packs a strong work ethic for vacations. She values the payoff of a sight not enjoyed by the masses, something off the beaten path reserved only for those who can handle the risk or endure the labor for the reward. With a 40-pound pack, Addy and a friend hiked the 20-mile round trip journey to the secluded Havasupai Falls in Arizona. Another prime example of what she sees as, “earning an experience.”  

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Addy off-roading with childhood friends near the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. 

This love for experience and travel has taken her to Memphis, Toronto, Nashville, Niagara Falls, Chicago, Kentucky and Iceland just to name a few. Still in her 20s, she’s seen a good portion of the continent and every chance she gets, is planning her next expedition.  

A stop at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas while helping a friend move back to Missouri from Phoenix, Arizona.

Growing up in the small town of Hannibal, Missouri, a younger Addy learned to the value of making her own fun. Driving back roads, building bonfires and playing sports were common activities that filled her days as a kid. Now that she lives in the city, Addy has an appreciation for the liveliness of a metropolitan area. In her mind, there’s always something to do and city kids fail to appreciate the breadth of experiences at their disposal. 

LEFT: Pictured after ice skating on a pond at the Nemes family farm. RIGHT: Visiting the Arch with Mother and twin brother Mark. 

But Saint Louis is not home in the same way that Hannibal is—the place she grew up, a small town synonymous with family. When Addy was just four her parents Jim and Karen built a house next door to her grandparents. Not long after, her aunt and uncle moved into a home across the street. The remaining neighbors not related to Addy jokingly call the cul de sac, “The Sauer Combine.”

With seven cousins close enough to be siblings and her older brother Jamie and twin brother Mark, her extended and nuclear family act as one tightly fitted unit. Even though they are dispersed across the nation—Boise, Atlanta, Kansas City and Des Moines—nearly every holiday they make their way back to Hannibal.

Addy’s grandfather was a strong hold in their community as the longtime owner and operator of the Martin’s True Value Hardware. Working at the hardware store was a rite of passage for each grandchild and Addy was employed there for many years, beginning at the age of 15. For a humble $3.00 an hour she swept the floor, put stickers on new inventory and learned the ins-and-outs of what it takes to run a business. Had she not been in college and itching to get out of Hannibal at the time, she might have taken over the reins of the store when her grandfather was ready to retire.

In addition to a strong work ethic, an appreciation for art and competition has been a common thread in Addy’s life. As a young child she felt that almost any surface was a potential canvas for her creativity. At one point, this led to marking the walls of her home with a personal masterpiece, a story her siblings and cousins love to tease her over. 

LEFT: Addy and her grandparents posing with Truman the Tiger, a present her grandfather received while playing football at Mizzou. RIGHT: Addy with her brother, Jamie holding a picture Addy painted and gave him as a house warming gift.

But after playing her first t-ball game at the meager age of 5, Addy discovered a love for athletics. She would go on to become a volleyball player and decorated track and field athlete competing as a sprinter and hurdler in high school and part of college. 

But school was not all fun and games for Addy. She often worked more than she needed to, holding down multiple jobs simultaneously. This ethic of hard work is deeply ingrained within her. College was not a time of leisure but labor. So much so, that after entering the workforce Addy began to really enjoy the fruits of full time employment. Compared to the demands of working a job alongside a full slate of classes, have a “real job” is not that hard. The fact that she holds this opinion while working in the fast-paced, often demanding industry of marketing and advertising shows some of Addy’s greatest qualities.

There is an unmistakable aura of gratitude surrounding her. She seems to truly value every day she has on this Earth, approaching each with an openness to new experience, a lack of pretension and a mentality devoid of ego. All of these attributes make Addy a valuable team member. When you work on problems with no clear roadmap and no obvious solution, you need people unintimidated by uncertainty, always willing to lend a hand and the enthusiasm to get the job done. Even at the beginning stages of her career, Addy lives up to these ideals with every project, client and deadline.

Addy fishing, a common activity for the Nemes family.

Addy fishing, a common activity for the Nemes family.