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The Unauthorized Profile of Charlie Nowell.

Before we begin, let the record show that the subject of this piece, Charlie Nowell, would recommend you stop reading immediately, and do something else. You could watch videos of cute puppies, learn to speak french, or get some quality advice.

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In the spirit of this, in here, we have embedded specific breaks from the main subject matter. We’ll discuss tips about motorcycle repair, the discography of Herbie Hancock, and helpful advice on wood turning. All of these things speak to the wide range of skills and interests held by Charlie Nowell, and also have the added benefit of diverting the focus on him, if only momentarily.

Let us begin...

The Swiss Army Knife of Paradowski

You know that friend who knows a little bit about everything? Bring up an obscure subject or hobby and it turns out, he/she has knowledge to share on the matter. The only exception is that Charlie knows a little bit about everything and, A LOT about design. He would hate this title, but you could aptly call him, “The Swiss Army Knife of Paradowski.” 

Respite 1: The Art Motorcycle Maintenance 

The next time you find yourself rebuilding a carburetor for a 1983 Honda Nighthawk 550, remember that compressed air is your friend. Use this to clean out the jets and every internal passage. While the component is disassembled, take the opportunity to replace all the o-rings and bowl gaskets. Don’t take any shortcuts on this my friend, this could be the difference between your hog running like a dream or a nightmare. 

Back to Charlie...

He wouldn’t call himself an audio engineer, even though he’s our go-to for recording voiceovers. Don’t call him a motion designer or animator, although he’s well acquainted with Adobe After Effects. You shouldn’t call him a video editor either, aside from the fact that he’s cut plenty of footage himself. Charlie lacks the fear or hesitancy many of us express before diving into the unfamiliar.

For example, when Paradowski purchased a 3D printer, who do you think was one of the first to start experimenting with this new technology? In no time, Charlie had printed himself a laptop stand from a rendering he found on the internet, and already making adjustments to improve the design. This is not in his job description, he simply seems to gravitate to anything that involves making things. 

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Respite 2: The Great Jazz Debate  

What is Herbie Hancock’s best album? In terms of accolades, it’s hard to argue with his 2007 album, River: The Joni Letters. This homage to his longtime friend Joni Mitchell earned a Grammy for Album of the Year and beat such artists like Kanye West, Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse, and Vince Gill. On the other hand, the one has to admire the versatility shown in Future Shock which fused the worlds of jazz and hip-hop—a combination never seen before. But above all, it’s hard to argue with his classic work with Miles Davis. Who’s to say really? 

Charlie is an authentic maker. Whether it’s a song, logo, or film—he’s always constructing something. This is at the heart of what it means to be creative. Requiring nothing but imagination and raw materials, and sometimes not even that, Charlie Nowell can will the new into existence.

But enough about him, let’s talk wood turning. 

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Respite 3: When to Replace Your Vari Grind Screw  

As any experienced wood turner will tell you, eventually the threads on your variable rate screws will wear out. The question is, should you shell out the $50 dollars for a whole new kit, or simply find a replacement part? The fact of the matter is, you’ll end up replacing all those parts eventually, so go ahead and purchase a new kit and consider upgrading from brass to a higher quality metal. You’ll thank yourself for doing it. 

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