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Matt is the rare combination of wisdom and enthusiasm. Despite only recently entering his mid-twenties, he speaks with the discernment of a seasoned vet. But his early onset maturity has not discouraged a healthy dose of optimism. He is the best of both worlds, equally enlightened and energetic.

In a world filled with v-necks and skinny jeans, Matt is breath of fresh, distinguished air. A button-up shirt, slacks and dress shoes are in heavy rotation in his wardrobe. On occasion, you will find him sporting jeans, but only a Friday, and that’s a rarity. If Matt is dressing for the job he wants, from the looks of it, his ambition is to run the company some day. And if that were to actually happen, you get the sense that he’d be a benevolent leader. So here’s to you, bossman. 

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A high-school aged Matt dressed as the infamous Joe Dirt. Notice the foreshadowing nature of his Mizzou lanyard hanging out of his pocket. 

Years before he was gracing Paradowski with his business-casual attire, Matt was a bright-eyed freshman at the University of Missouri. Like many incoming students, Matt chose to visit his future school a few weeks before the fall semester to attend an expo featuring the various fraternities on campus.

Matt approached this visit with skepticism. The stereotypes and stigmas often associated with Greek life were firmly embedded in his head causing him to not be optimistic that he’d find a frat that suited his desire for comradery, respect and a true brotherhood. Up to this point, he had primarily attended small catholic schools and thus, wanted the full experience of a public university. So any frat he’d consider joining needed to offer a richer, more meaningful college life.

His first day of visiting houses was exactly what he expected, causing him to call home and tell his mother that he’d probably be leaving the expo early, this just wasn’t for him. But on the second day, he met the brothers from Kappa Sigma and felt an instant connection to the group. He immediately stopped looking at the remaining fraternities and began the process of joining this brotherhood.

Shortly after becoming a member of Kappa Sigma, Matt was encouraged to run for chapter President. Given he was just a freshmen at the time, this went against his modest tendencies. He instead chose to take smaller positions, heading up scheduling and other various support duties. But his apprehension for leading would not last long. As a young sophomore, Matt was elected President of Kappa Sigma.   

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Matt pictured with some of his closest friends he met during college. The group stays in contact to this day through a message thread they lovingly call, "The Farewell Tour." 

Becoming the head of his fraternity chapter was at first, a frightening endeavour. But ultimately this was a platform where Matt truly blossomed. This normally very calculated man took a risk and it paid off in spades. His maturity, thoughtfulness and intelligence offer a superb representation of both his fraternity and greek life as a whole.   

LEFT: Matt with his 4th grade baseball team supporting his parish, Our Lady of Providence. RIGHT: Matt's 8th grade soccer team after a bitter loss to Immaculate Conception.  

Another archetype that Matt continually defies is that of the lazy and entitled millennial. After working a series of internships, Matt was given a 6-month contract position as an “Analytics Coordinator” at Paradowski. While interviewing for the job he had to suppress feelings of being “unqualified” for the role he was awarded. In response, Matt put his head down and jumped in to provide support wherever needed. At times, this led to taking on duties that landed well outside his initial job description. 

While helping Paradowski launch a new whisky brand, you could reliably find Matt in a conference room making calls to coordinate special events, iron-out distribution deals, follow up with suppliers and who knows what else. None of this is typical of an analytics coordinator but Matt is far from typical.  

Matt was instrumental in getting a newly launched whiskey brand, 12 Foot Beard into liquor stores around the Midwest. 

Despite his job being heavily numbers-oriented, arithmetic was Matt’s least favorite subject in school. He is a fan of numbers yes, but not equations. Matt loves searching for the story behind the data. In other words, where is the humanity in the numbers? Although it may seem counterintuitive, this proves to be a great source of strength for Matt. He is not preoccupied with an obsession over data, the numbers are simply a means to an end. How can the analytics help us learn about human behavior? 

Another archetype that Matt continually defies....

His approach to data is no surprise after one meets him. Matt is personable, incredibly likeable and unflinchingly polite. His cordinalness radiates with every interaction. He claims this is a product of his upbringing, his father is a first-generation American of German heritage. The Bavarian customs of punctuality, integrity and consistency are deeply instilled within Matt. Between both parents, his mother is the more relaxed and permissive of the pair.

In addition to holding a longstanding love of sports, there are two other sources of affection in his life: writing and sandwiches. These two passions have merged together in the form of, “The Maus Haus.” When he’s not covering college sports from his Alma Mater, he dolling out reviews on the latest thing between two slices of bread. Offering thoughts on the best italian sub in Saint Louis, premo deli spots in the Lou and the gateway to the best hoagie in the STL. 

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A sandwich review from a local lunchtime hotspot, Blues City Deli.

Put simply, Matt Maus is the guy everyone likes, someone that can serve as a great measure of another person’s character. If you can’t get along with him, to be blunt, there’s something wrong with you. He is bright without being a know-it-all and measured without being risk-averse. He treats everyone he meets with a considered, thoughtful respect, and not for a moment do you question his motives. Matt is simply expressing his natural inclination of courteousness and civilly.  

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