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Owen at the summit of Pike's Peak. 

Owen Metzler has been the same person since seventh grade.

Although he says this to be self-deprecating, there is a thread of consistency that runs through Owen’s life. The haircut he has today is nearly identical to the one he sported in middle school. Even though he has long passed the stage of having recess, he regularly plays kickball. And the evidence of aging is nearly invisible in his complexion. He’s reached his early thirties but could easily pass to be a decade younger.

LEFT: A young Owen enjoying time tickling the ivories. RIGHT: Owen at a mere three months of age. 

If what he claims is indeed true, that he hasn’t changed since the days of biology and locker combinations, then Owen was an adult at thirteen. He is a remarkably mature and responsible individual. There is a calm, considered steadiness to his personality without any upswings in emotion. When you need someone to level you out, Owen Meltzer is your guy. 

In addition, Owen’s dress is uniquely professional for this industry. Advertising is a world of flip-flops and V-necks. Owen on the other hand, wears clean dress shirts with slacks and formal shoes.  

There is a rumor he owns T-shirts and denim, but this has yet to be confirmed. 

In contrast to this grown-up persona, his diet can be a tad adolescent. He is a man who proudly celebrates new additions to the dollar menu and often has a coupon that’ll get you a full meal for a fraction of the price. When grocery shopping with his fiancé Kat, they have two grocery carts with very different contents. Frozen pizzas and Pop-Tarts for him, kale and quinoa for her. To make one even more jealous, Owen’s ability to metabolize this food has not declined over the years. He is trim, youthful and could afford to gain more than a few pounds and still be thin. Lucky bastard.

LEFT: Owen proudly played catcher and center field for The Lightning. RIGHT: Owen pictured for his T-ball team, The Blue Jays.

With his tranquil demeanour, it’s no surprise he has a predilection for baseball.

Owen appreciates the fact that the game being played today, is still similar to the one enjoyed in the 19th century. They still use one ball, one bat, nine fielders and a batter. You can’t run out the clock, take a knee or keep the ball away from the opposing team. In a time when the popularity of America’s pastime is declining, Owen is undeterred. But in conflict with his personality Owen’s favorite sport is actually hockey.

Growing up, although he was never a fan of exercise, he always preferred PE over every other class. In high school alone, Owen had gym on his schedule nine different times. But other than that, he didn’t feel emboldened by school until reaching college where he developed an interest in graphic design. But as he explored this discipline, he found himself gravitating to the business side of things. This was a rare pivot in the life of Owen Metzler.   

The more you learn about Owen, the more you see a strong sense of loyalty in everything he does. What he calls the unchanged is actually a deep dedication to the people in his life.

He is very close to his immediate family and can’t imagine not living less than fifteen minutes from his parents, two sisters and brother. In college, he maintained the same group of friends and his fiancé Kat was his prom date. 

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Owen and his date Kat before the Senior Prom at Kirkwood High School. 

The purchase of his first home offers another shining example of Owen’s devotion to his kin. When his grandmother reached the age of needing to downsize, Owen stepped in and offered to purchase her home. It’s hard enough to find someone who regularly visits their grandparents. Mr. Metzler went several steps further and provided financial relief to the matriarch of the family.   

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Owen and Kat moving into their new home. 

Owen truly means what he says. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. Even when it’s less than serious, he still fulfills an obligation. For instance, on their prom night, while driving to the dance Owen proclaimed to his date (Kat) that whichever song that came on as he turned on the radio, would forever be “their song.” They both agreed to the stakes and as Owen turned on the ignition, “You can do it” by Ice Cube filled the car. To this day, whenever they hear “You can do it you can put your back into it” playing at a party or wedding, Owen reminds Kat of this memory. 

Owen resists being called a “bargain hunter” and for good reason. This attribute is often derided in people as being cheap or stingy.

What Owen has is a compulsion to find a good deal. In his words “money has to be spent to live...and you can’t find coupons for utilities.” So he does draw the line somewhere. In many ways, all the clients at Paradowski should feel delighted to have Owen in charge of allocating their media buy. This man knows how to stretch a dollar and is delighted to do so.

In his view, it’s his duty to find the most impactful and effective use of a budget. He will not be swayed by the latest trend or test a new channel simply because it’s new. There must be a reason for the change. In an age where there’s always pressure to try the latest thing, Owen has a healthy skepticism. He is far from a Luddite, but resists jumping on a bandwagon just because a shiny new feature has been added.

At his core, Owen Metzler is simply a good dude. He is an incredibly devoted friend, a committed companion and an endlessly reliable son and grandson. And for Paradowski, he’s a dependable coworker. Over the years he’s without a doubt grown and evolved, but as you get to know him, the idea of Owen never changing is a comforting thought. Why change something that’s already great?