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The Escape Artist has a New Trailer—and a Launch Date

The VR escape room will be featured by Meta and debut live at AWE EU 2023.

The paint has barely dried on our pièce de résistance, but it’s ready for public unveiling. Paradowski Creative will release The Escape Artist via the Meta Quest homepage and live at Augmented World Expo EU in Vienna, Austria, on October 24, 2023.

Play as the elusive muse of an artist trapped in their own work, deciphering hints and solving puzzles to return them to the real world in this expansive narrative VR game about the creative process.

The Escape Artist was produced in collaboration with Wonderland Engine who will debut and present the game on the expo floor at Augmented World Expo EU 2023 in Vienna, Austria. Paradowski and Wonderland collaborated throughout the game’s development to help push the boundaries of the title, the engine and WebXR as a platform.

Announced in March, The Escape Artist is Paradowski Creative’s followup to the WebXR Awards' 2022 Game of the Year winner, Above Par-adowski WebXR Mini-Golf—but breaks new ground in terms of immersive storytelling, deep interaction design and bold, evocative art direction, making it a true first-of-its-kind narrative VR game on the web.

Beginning October 24, the game will be available free via the web on Meta Quest 2 or 3, with parts of the codebase open sourced as part of our commitment to growing and giving back to the WebXR community.

Break through to break free. October 24, 2023.