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WebXR Mini-Golf Game “Above Par-adowski” Featured by Meta 

Meta has recognized Paradowski’s virtual reality putt putt game as one of the best WebXR experiences on the web, featuring it on the homepage of the Meta Quest browser.

“The Quest browser new tab page is the curated homepage of the immersive web right now,” says James Kane, Director of Emerging Technology at Paradowski and creator of Above Par-adowski, “I liken it to Yahoo.com in 1998 or the iOS App Store in 2009 – it’s this incredible new platform that few know how to take advantage of just yet.”

Players can navigate from their home screens to gameplay in the browser in just seconds, with no lengthy install or app download necessary.

Originally conceived as a single-hole, 40-hour internal prototype for Paradowski’s Mini Masters event, the course was expanded to nine holes and outfitted with additional features including:

• Gameplay and UX on par with top experiences on VR app stores

• Incredible, performant 3D technical art spread over a dramatic desert landscape

• A new physics engine, PhysX, made by NVIDIA and used by the Unity game engine, that runs in the browser at 0.2ms per frame on Meta Quest 2

• Scripted in-game UI, tutorial, scorekeeping and endgame sequences

The project is Paradowski’s latest demonstration that native-quality AR/VR games and experiences are achievable on the 3D Open Web — no app store approval, download nor install required. In keeping with our vision for an open and accessible metaverse, the game is built with three.js and A-Frame and is hosted on Glitch, delivered in less than 14mb of source code and assets total. All 3D assets were produced with the open-source Blender 3D software suite.

Hit the link(s) now:

“We think the already-very-real internet is the best expression of ‘the metaverse’ and have for years invested in WebXR development to show what’s possible on modern browsers. Soon experiences like this will be common, easily traversable, and considered table stakes for brands and we want to be prepared for that day. Toward that goal, we’re open sourcing our game code for the wider web to unpack and learn from.”

-James Kane, Director of Emerging Technology, Paradowski Creative

Designed by: Andy Wise, Dan Rayfield, Colin Freeman, Ayushman Johri, and Noah Ilbery.

Developed by: James Kane, Kevin Olson, Ethan Michalicek, and Irina Fawcett.

Code: https://bitbucket.org/paradowskicreative/above-par-adowski-mini-golf