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THE SECOND-LARGEST SPORTSWear brand in the world


A Shoebox as a Stage


Adidas wanted to unveil Candace Parker’s new line of shoes in a way that honored her historic career. But there are so many facets to “Ace.” She’s a hooper, mom, analyst, and style icon. She has more to say than we could ever fit in a box.


A WebAR ecosystem complete with 2D video, 3D interactive “scenes,” and a custom basketball game that pulled fans into Parker’s brand, and detailed the backstory behind the shoes.


augmented reality



user experience


unique sessions with celebrity and influencer audience
Candace's friends, family and the sneaker community played with, listened to and explored branded content that was rewarding and memorable. A shoebox, which would normally be discarded, became an opportunity to spend time with Ace.

Following launch, Adidas asked that we retrofit the technology so fans at a live meet-and-greet with Candace could explore the 3D environments and games at their local Dick’s Sporting Goods..

“Okay, are you kidding me? You have set the bar this high now for every seeding kit.” 


Candace Parker has always rocked adidas. Even in high school, she took the three stripes to the rim. Nineteen years and two WNBA Championships later, Parker has become one the best players of all time, and a social icon, too.

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Candace was the second WNBA player in the history of the league to slam dunk.

As part of the launch of the Ace Collection, adidas developed a pactivation plan with our partners Hovers Over Water to ship shoes and other Ace swag in stylized boxes to celebrities, influencers, media, and Candace’s friends and family.

The packaging was beautiful, and the shoes and threads were clean, but much of what informed the design, and what fans loved about Ace, was missing. Parker’s excellence was the brand. Her story wasn’t coming through.

They asked us to develop an experience where users could play a two-dimensional sizzle video above the box in augmented reality. But we knew the technology could do even more to bring audiences closer to Ace.

So, we built three-dimensional, immersive scenes, set to Candace’s voice, that chronicled distinct moments from her life and career.

Initial UX document diagraming the user’s flow through the AR experience.

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The primary navigation experience

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A networked leaderboard to inspire competition.