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Cannabis Marketing For All Brandkind

Are you ready to build a cannabis brand worth its weight in flower?

At Paradowski, we know a thing or two about what it takes to break through the growing cannabis industry. Whether you’re looking to build an existing brand or grow one from the ground up, our specialized team can help you define and enact a marketing strategy that treats your product as an adult product with medicinal, holistic benefits—and reach the consumers who would benefit most from it. 

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Passionate Advocate: Paradowski’s Tim Pickett, campaigns for Prop 2 in 2018.

Our Perspective

When two strains are identical, what makes a consumer choose one brand over the other?

It’s not just the name or packaging. It’s about creating a complete, elevated experience that shows consumers your product is more than worth its weight in gold (or flower).

We believe in this approach because it starts with your audience and works backward from there, building their trust and affinity at each step in the consumer journey. That’s why we put the why over the how and let the execution follow the inspiration—until the strength of your brand speaks for itself.

After all, the strongest brands in today’s young, growing cannabis industry will be best positioned to excel in the market of tomorrow.

A quick sidebar, if you don’t mind…

We don’t see cannabis work as a chance to flex our creative chops using tired tropes and inside jokes. We recognize cannabis as a legitimate treatment option for people seeking relief from a variety of mental and physical ailments. Does that mean there isn’t room for lightness, personality, and even humor? No. But we believe taking cannabis products seriously and moving away from stereotypes will help the entire industry thrive.

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Moving on...

We combine strategy, creativity, and innovative technology to bring the benefits of great design to the ever-changing world of brand expression. With experience in cannabis, consumer goods, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and beyond—we’re the full-service marketing agency most equipped to make your cannabis brand sing. And we’re ready to break out the choir for your next project.

Below are a few projects we’ve completed to show you our offerings are far from smoke and mirrors.

Vertical Cannabis


A premium, upscale cannabis brand. Ready to be scaled up.

It doesn’t take much to start a brand, but it takes a whole lot more to rise above the competition—especially in a market as green as Missouri’s medicinal cannabis industry.

A young artisanal cannabis brand looking to make a splash, Vertical came to us with a name, a logo, and a desire to communicate their upscale identity at various consumer touchpoints. So that’s just what we did, starting with a creative audit and small refinements to their visual brand identity, including some tasteful logo updates and an all-new badge system for strains. We then fleshed this visual identity out and further defined their brand tone as we developed packaging and a website.

Vertical Desktop and Mobile

Our brand exercise and corresponding deliverables assert exactly what Vertical needs to break through in the cannabis market of today and tomorrow. They’re clearly a heightened seed-to-shelf cannabis brand, taking their customers to new heights and pushing them to expect more from their medicinal cannabis experience. With a world of legalization within reach and nowhere to grow but up, Vertical is perfectly poised to take the high-end cannabis world by storm for years to come.


Calling all the misses in the business!

Mitch Meyers, a pioneer in cannabis, came to us with a fabulous idea: an organization that specializes in connecting influential women in the Missouri cannabis industry. They just needed an identity to get started.

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After we developed the MIZBIZ name, we needed a logo and visual direction to match the energy it inspired. Something that communicated both the strength and enthusiasm of these women. After one of the most enjoyable logo presentations we’ve ever experienced (we should conduct all of our meetings over wine in a CBD shop...), the choice was unanimous. It was one of those rare moments where not only did everyone reach a consensus, but they agreed wholeheartedly. Did they applaud? Yes, they did.

The bright color palette and bold angles of the brand expressed the palpable feeling that evening in the CBD shop, a feeling that we experienced again when MIZBIZ was unveiled to 200 women at the MoCannBizCon+Expo in 2020. Excitement. Fun. Badassery. That's who these women are. MIZBIZ gave them something they could rally behind, shout from the rooftops, and wear with pride. It's a testament to the creativity and enthusiasm surrounding this burgeoning industry and the unique individuals pushing it forward.

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Paradowski presents MIZBIZ to the Women's Networking Breakfast at the MoCannBizCon+Expo 2020.


Sharpen your senses.

With relief comes strength. And the strength of this CBD brand speaks for itself. 

When ex-NFL player, Kyle Turley, approached Paradowski in 2016 about building a brand and website for his new CBD line, we were thrilled to answer the call.

Turley and his business partners developed a line of the purest CBD oils on the market after Turley himself traded prescribed opiates for cannabis products. The switch not only soothed his state of mind, but also mitigated the pain caused by nervous system injuries. Neuro Armour was his way of sharing the relief he found in a non-psychoactive formula.

As an athlete himself, Turley wanted to target a sports-centric audience that would benefit from the holistic benefits of CBD, just like he has. It was our job to create a brand voice, look and feel that spoke to these players, as well as the larger CBD community of parents with children suffering from various diseases, and the elderly whose dwindling memories could be improved. Straying from the usual design of these product types (think Ohm symbols and bonsai trees), we positioned the product as the strong, confident purists’ CBD oil. 

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Thanks for taking the time to learn about our approach. Feel free to visit the rest of our website to see some more work and meet our team.


Tim Pickett, Director of Specialty Brands

Annie Kayser, Account Director

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