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Cannabis Marketing For All Brandkind

Are you ready to build a cannabis brand worth its weight in flower?

At Paradowski, we know a thing or two about what it takes to break through in the growing cannabis industry. Our team can help you define and enact a unique marketing strategy that treats cannabis as an adult product with medicinal, holistic benefits for consumers everywhere.

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Passionate Advocate: Paradowski’s Director of Project Management, Tim Pickett, campaigns for Prop 2 in 2018.

Our Perspective

Branding is more than important, it’s essential. If two strains are identical, what makes a consumer choose one over the other? It’s more than just the name — it’s the brand experience.

At every consumer touchpoint throughout their journey, from initial choice, to use, and eventually becoming ambassadors of your brand — each step must be strategically designed and beautifully realized.

We believe in this approach because it starts with the audience experience in mind and works backward from there. We never start with how. We always start with why. Let’s put it another way: we don’t lead with execution. We lead with inspiration. This approach works when applied to growers, distributors and extractors, as well. After all, businesses are staffed by human beings, not machines, and they are attracted to an emotional connection when making decisions. 

LEFT: Paradowski’s Director of Project Management Tim Pickett and Creative Director Steve John attend the MoCannBizCon+Expo in 2019. RIGHT: Paradowski presented the new name and brand for the Women in Cannabis organization at the Women's Networking Breakfast at MoCannBizCon+Expo in March 2020.

This approach leads to big ideas. Big compelling stories that have the power to elevate your brand, and they can come from anywhere. It’s why we prefer to work collaboratively with our clients and partners to execute the best, most arresting work possible. Work that’s impossible to ignore or forget.

From packaging, to website design, to social strategy, to experiential, to video support, each medium provides an opportunity for your brand to stand out from the crowd and build lasting relationships with people.

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A quick sidebar if you don’t mind…

We don’t see the cannabis industry as a chance to flex our design chops using tired tropes and inside “stoner” jokes. We see cannabis as a legitimate treatment option for people who are suffering from a variety of mental and physical ailments. Does that mean there isn’t room for fun and warmth depending on the client's voice? No. But the cannabis industry needs creative support that understands the need to move away from typical silly stereotypes in order to thrive.

Moving on...

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Below are a few projects we’ve completed to show you our offerings are far from smoke and mirrors.


Calling all the misses in the business!

Mitch Meyers, a pioneer in the CBD industry, came to us with a fabulous idea — an organization specializing in connecting influential women in the Missouri cannabis industry. It only had one problem: It needed an identity. 

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After we developed the MIZBIZ name, we needed a logo and visual direction to match the energy it inspired. Something that communicated both the strength and enthusiasm of these women. After one of the most enjoyable logo presentations we’ve ever experienced (which took place over wine in a CBD shop), the choice was unanimous. It was one of those rare moments where not only did everyone agree, but they agreed wholeheartedly. Did they applaud? Yes they did.

The bright color palette and bold angles of the brand expressed the palpable feeling that day in the CBD shop, and again when MIZBIZ was unveiled to 200 women at MoCannBizCon+Expo 2020. Excitement. Fun. Badassery. That's who these women are. MIZBIZ gave them something they could rally behind, shout from the rooftops and wear with pride. It's a testament to the creativity and enthusiasm surrounding this burgeoning industry. 

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Associate Creative Director, Terri Mitchell, presents MIZBIZ to the Women's Networking Breakfast at the MoCannBizCon+Expo 2020.



Keep your word. Keep your whiskers.

How do you introduce a new whiskey? How do you stand out on a wall of glassy amber — a sea of sameness?

For 12 Foot Beard, the answer was relatively simple: Tell a compelling story about character and integrity inspired by a Missouri man who lost a bet and grew an unruly beard all the way to his grave.

That kind of dedication to honoring promises isn’t just another thing—it’s the only thing that matters. We gave our word to distill a spirit rooted in that spirit, and here in Missouri, we keep our word, no matter what.

Here, you’ll see how we use both copy and visual elements to establish the brand as distinctly different from its spirit competitors. After all, if what’s in the bottle (or preroll) is nearly the same, it’s branding and messaging that makes a difference in the marketplace. As the 12 Foot Beard brand continues to gain more momentum, we continue to find new ways for the brand story to get out there and escape the wall of amber glass.



Sharpen your senses.

With relief comes strength. And the strength of this CBD brand speaks for itself. 

When ex-NFL player, Kyle Turley, approached Paradowski about building a brand and website for his new CBD brand, we were thrilled to answer the call. He and his business partners developed a line of the purest CBD oils on the market after Turley himself traded prescribed opiates for cannabis products. The switch not only soothed his state of mind, but also mitigated the pain caused by nervous system injuries. Neuro Armour was his way of sharing the relief he found in a non-psychoactive formula.

As a former athlete, Turley’s main audience was the sports field. It was our job to create a brand voice, look and feel that spoke to these players, as well as the larger CBD community of parents with children suffering from various diseases, and the elderly whose dwindling memories could be improved. Straying from the usual design of these product types (think Ohm symbols and bonsai trees), we positioned the product as the strong, confident purists’ CBD oil. The company was sold to a larger national cannabis brand within days of site launch.

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Free to be bold.

Rebranding a beloved beer brand with a legendary can design is a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Sometimes, classics need to be born again in order to thrive. That was the case for Stag Beer, a 165+-year-old regional favorite of hunters and hipsters alike. Its owner, Pabst Brewing Company, saw the need for a drastic brand revitalization on both sides of the Mississippi River and turned to us for a fresh perspective to turn the tides.

Our approach was simple: Take what people love about Stag and give them even more to adore. Our “Free To Be Bold” position took hold of their entire brand strategy — from their updated logo to their two new recipes. By embracing boldness, Stag reignited their following’s passion for the brand while welcoming a whole new generation of deer beer drinkers.

Here, you’ll see how our team subtly but courageously reconsidered what Stag could stand for while staying true to the colors, mascot, and history that has defined the brand since its birth in Belleville, IL.

But wait, there's more.

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