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In a time when the larger societal discussion about food was controversial and misunderstood, we helped Monsanto find a way to speak with consumers. 

The Discover Campaign took us around the world to capture a global and evolving dialogue about food, values and the planet we share.

The Conversation Begins

Encouraging transparency and conversation, the campaign’s print ads, TV spots and digital ads invited people from all over the United States to gather around the proverbial table. That table was, a website where consumers can learn about the company and discuss a topic important to us all—the food we eat. 

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Visitors to the site are encouraged to ask honest, and sometimes hard-hitting, questions. In return, they can expect thoughtful, transparent and direct answers through “The Conversation” feature.

By publishing consumer questions and answers about Monsanto and the food system at large, we created an engaging experience for visitors to browse, ask and gather diverse information and ultimately make their own decisions.

The campaign was extended abroad with five additional websites in Argentina, Brazil, China, France and India.

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The Conversation Continues

Our relationship with Monsanto has grown beyond the Discover campaign. Check out our and Modern Agriculture case studies to learn more.