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While brand performance and brand perception inform each other, they don’t always run parallel.

When Dyna-Gro came to Paradowski, it had historically been known as the house brand of Crop Production Services. And that was how its yield numbers had looked, too. No harm, no foul. But after years of seed scientists zeroing in on elite seed genetics, magic happened. 

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A 2015 in-depth research study of more than 700 Dyna-Gro seed customers and valuable on-farm performance data indicated Dyna-Gro seed was performing at high standards. And so, Paradowski set out to discover why CPS seed dealers were not positioning the brand as premier. Hitting the road to visit Dyna-Gro seed sellers throughout the corn belt, we made discoveries about how the brand should be positioned alongside and against its competitors.

The answer: It was time for a shift in Dyna-Gro’s impression on the farming world. And we were ready to go with fresh branding that positioned the seed lineup as a category leader.

A new Brand Story changed the conversation about Dyna-Gro in both consumer and internal circles.

As a farmer, you know true success requires tough choices.

Get the seed in early, or wait till the fields dry out? Harvest through the evening or quit to catch your daughter’s first game? But when it comes to seed, Dyna-Gro doesn’t think you should have to choose between performance and your bottom line. We know what you’re really trying to grow isn’t just a crop; it’s a life. You shouldn’t have to gamble the future of your operation to put the best seed in the ground this season. That’s why our premium seeds work every bit as hard as you do, allowing you to grow your legacy along with great crops. 

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Sweat before sunup.

To begin, we asked ourselves how could we tell the story of Dyna-Gro’s success without it sounding too good to be true. We turned to how Dyna-Gro found success in the first place: dedication and hard work.

Rather than kowtow to expected, stoic personalities of successful seed brands, we decided to own the fact that successful growers rarely stand still. With a new brand video and national TV spot, we let Dyna-Gro salute the energy, pace and intelligence of today’s farmers. 

We directed a photoshoot that built Dyna-Gro’s first true brand library; focusing our efforts on Dyna-Gro’s key crop offerings. These photos graced the face of posters, billboards and truck graphics with messaging that connected the brand with our target audience. 

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