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The largest rental vehicle company and leading mobility solutions provider worldwide


Growing Brand Affinity with a Social Engagement Engine


Enterprise needed a partner who could boost brand trust and drive positive brand sentiment through timely, relevant social content creation and proactive community management.


We created the Paradowski Engagement Lab, a team of social strategists, analysts and creators designed to rapidly create content and memorable social moments around trends and topics relevant to Enterprise’s audiences and goals.


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We’ve improved engagement response time on tagged messages by 22%.
Enterprise has received 461K+ impressions from original social content.

“We love the evolution of our social channels. It’s so exciting to see the work coming out of this team.”

Our weekly #SummerOfRestStops series featured over-the-top rest stops and quizzes about their quirks.

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As part of a content series celebrating National Park Week, we celebrated the breadth of nature’s hues.

How It Happened: 

The Paradowski Engagement Lab was formed to service the bespoke needs of our Enterprise client, but has become a scalable incubator for creative work that drives brand relevance.

Without naming the biggest movie of summer 2023, we capitalized on the buzz with a look at gorgeous global travel spots that could have Enterprise customers thinking pink the next time they plan a trip.

The Lab is made up of writers, creators, strategists and account managers who make the engine move, seven days a week. In order to create at the speed of social, our team needed to adopt a shift in mindset from the typical creative process.

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A recent New York Times story, “The First Car,” evoked nostalgic reactions from readers. To achieve similar nostalgic engagement, we invited users to imagine driving their first car and let us know… what were you listening to? As answers came in, we published custom responses.


We staff the Engagement Lab with the right number of people to share a balanced workload and achieve client goals. We reject martyr syndrome and raise our hands when we need help or can be of help.

As part of Enterprise's sponsorship of Disney and Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we created 3D license plates personalized to the film's main characters. On social, we tapped into excitement around the film's release by asking users to guess who each plate belonged to.

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We also identified real travel locations that resembled scenes straight out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


“Social media management” isn’t one discipline. It requires specialists working together with a shared understanding of how to build and grow a social presence that constantly connects, entertains and provides value to audiences.

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We invited followers to share their summer memories via a scavenger hunt through their camera rolls.


While we all have titles and swimlanes, we are all accountable to each other, our clients and the work. We are not territorial. We fully embrace the belief that good ideas come from anywhere.

We expect to be told “no” a lot. This does not deter us from moving on to our next idea (or twelve). The internet moves on fast and so do we.

We use operating procedures to ensure quality control at all times. We measure twice and cut once.

We ask and answer questions of each other at any time without fear or judgment. When we make mistakes, we notify each other immediately, own them, document our learnings and move on. We don’t beat up ourselves or each other.

We dabble, find and share inspiration, play, think about what’s next, say “what if” and make time to enjoy what we do, building relationships with each other and our client team.

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Enterprise Rent-a-Car is the official presenter of the new TRON: Lightcycle / Run at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. We generated excitement on social before and after the opening through proactive and reactive engagement, as well as surprise and delight moments like these.


We understand the brand’s goals and voice on each platform. We stay up to speed on what’s going on across digital platforms, the news cycle, in the industry and among competitors. We look for opportunities to participate in relevant conversations through our responses, proactive engagement, and content creation, but we ask ourselves the necessary questions to check our own biases against our audience-led approach.

We elevate and celebrate diverse voices in our audience communities.

We give credit where credit is due.

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Through social listening, we leverage keyword searches and mine for opportunities to engage with consumers on relevant posts.