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St. LOuis’ Most Beloved and controversial pizza company

Imo’s Pizza

The Squarest Loyalty Program in the History of Pizza


For 60 years, Imo’s signature St. Louis pizza – square-cut, thin-crust, Provel-topped – has won hearts. However, in early 2023, online and mobile orders made up only 1% of its sales, lagging behind modern delivery conveniences.


We created “Square Deals,” an unmistakably Imo’s take on the app-based loyalty program. It features gamification and easy-to-understand tiers and incentives. To top it all off, we promoted the program with the world’s first (as far as we know) functioning QR code made completely of pizza.


brand strategy

creative campaign



primary research

user experience

web development

increase in volume of on-app orders
growth in total sales revenue quarter-over-quarter
Within the first 60 days of launching the program, we exceeded our goals by up to 3x in many metrics, including those noted above, and:

— 1,405% increase in app-generated sales
— 33,149 new loyalty members (34% quarter-over-quarter increase)
— 10% increase in average ticket amount

“Paradowski Creative exceeded our expectations in every way.”

—Nichole Carpenter, Director of Marketing, Imo’s


In St. Louis, Imo’s regulars aren’t just customers – they’re closer to a ravenous fanbase whose love for the pizza is rooted not just in the taste, but equally in the tradition, nostalgia, decades of memories, family gatherings, and a joyful spirit of brand loyalty.

Imo’s wanted a place that would better keep their extremely loyal fans coming back, while also offering saucy content and big promotions that grab their attention. Additionally, we wanted to increase engagement and frequency of orders in the process.

In many ways, naming the rewards program experience was the easy part. We brainstormed and bucketed entire lists of name explorations: From Imo’s Bucks, to Primo Dealios, to Pizza Perks, to Dough-to-Whoa, to “Reveal the Deal,”…but nothing stuck like the first name to pop in our heads.

We called it Square Deals.

From there, we realized rewards would lead to loyalty, and that loyalty could lead to advocacy for both the app experience, the overall program, and the delicious pizza.

Paradowski is thrilled to continue as their perfect pizza partner. And we think that’s quite a deal.

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