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Over its 100 year history, NewGround has expanded from the company that innovated the bank teller window to a leading design-build firm.

In that century, the firm also successfully designed or built more than 15,000 facilities ranging from large corporate headquarters to dynamic retail experiences.

NewGround’s secret sauce is its integrated process. The firm leads a discovery session to uncover an organization's brand, allowing strategists to collaborate with designers and create truly experiential structures. Their buildings don’t simply exist: they tell stories of where brands want to be in the world and who they want to be to their employees and consumers.

Of all the accomplishments NewGround can lay claim to, one of them was not telling their own story to the world. This realization led to the decision to embrace a comprehensive rebrand. And they chose Paradowski Creative as their partner in this endeavor. 

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We dove headfirst into learning about NewGround, conducting interviews and a holistic evaluation of their current and future goals. We then reimagined the NewGround brand from soup to nuts, first with a logo that matched its process. Our concept: showing how NewGround walks beside their clients to take them to places they haven't been before. The look is futuristic in style and with steps that lead to physical spaces and buildings beyond.

Finishing off this portion of our task with a logo animation video, we began to apply the mark across all brand touchpoints. The outside of their headquarters was an especially breathtaking application. 

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The new mark alludes to forward movement and architectural mastery.

Identity secure, we began the larger task of crafting a website. First came a site audit which revealed that there were, in fact, several sites in existence—one for each division. We also heard that the sales team was hungry for a site whose function could lend itself to sales meetings where they were presenting the company’s work and case studies. And so, we got designing. Simultaneously, we created completely new content and case studies from scratch. We collapsed outdated navigation elements to create a site map that functioned as beautifully elemental as their own buildings. A refreshed brand voice emerged from the work: one of lightness and aspirations. 

Together, the new family of brand work positioned NewGround as a thought leader. To cement this shift, we proposed that our client produce an inbound component for gated content authored by their top architects, designers, engineers and company leaders. When prospective clients proved interest by visiting three pages in a site visit, the gated content option was offered tastefully. Not only were they able to see NewGround as a fountain of knowledge, but in exchanging their email address for access, they became a potential lead.

We knew we had nailed telling NewGround’s story succinctly for the first time.

We then turned to the arming the sales team with these narratives. We created a brand positioning video, being ever so lucky that NewGround’s president, Kevin Blair, is an enigmatic, charismatic person. Blair was the video’s voice over talent, and made an appearance in the final scene.

We also prepared a series of sales booklets that opened with our brand story, then transitioned into case studies broken out by industry type. We reimagined the sales experience—opening a meeting with a gorgeous video, walking through relevant case studies in vibrant, glossy books, then breezing through a new website whose case study filtering system made finding exactly the right thing a walk in the park. 

Our work complete, we had the pleasure of seeing the new brand settle in.

Internal graphics and environmental graphics helped company employees transition through the cultural shift the rebrand was meant to inspire. A mailer announcing the identity and site helped external parties get on board. And finally, Paradowski was in attendance at NewGround’s high-end grand reveal party for its employees. The energy that just oozed when the logo was revealed is something we’ll never forget.