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How do you redefine a brand that has been around for more than 150 years? 

It’s a bit tricky. There’s a heritage that you don’t want to mess with, but there must be a way to bring a brand into the present and still respect its past.

With Seminis Vegetable Seeds we got the chance to create and develop such a brand. And the truth is we didn’t have to blow it up, we just celebrated the company’s strength: their rich and venerable history.

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When we first started work on the brand voice we knew they had a tagline in place: “Grow forward.” It had brand equity and recognition in the marketplace and we wanted to hold on to it.

So, we went in search of the why. Why is Seminis able to promise the ability to grow forward? What was the emotional pull that would get farmers nodding in agreement? We were in search of a reason. The truth is it had been sitting in plain sight for over 150 years. As farmers turned their farms over to their sons and daughters, and those kids turned the operation over to their kids, Seminis was a constant. Always there—helping them grow forward.

Seminis is… Better with Every Generation.

This emotional truth capitalized on the history of not only their aggressive commitment to seed science, improving on the previous hybrid, but also the fact that they had been a constant support to farmers for more than a century. 

“We pledge to continuously improve our seed with every generation—to never become stagnant in our thinking or approach and always put the customers and their harvests first. We strive to not only be the leaders in the field today, but for generations to come.”

Seminis’ brand promise. Authored by Paradowski for their Brand Standards Manual.

After creating a comprehensive Brand Voice and Standards manual for Seminis, we started to work on their brand-in-action. The first assignment was a brand video that would capitalize on the new brand positioning in an emotional and authentic way.

This video’s brand essence now flows through all possible elements. While Seminis sells superior, technologically-advanced seeds, it’s the fruit the Growers need to believe is best-in-class. The brand refresh included a new perspective on lifestyle and product photography, both of which were shot in a way that elevated the life of a Seminis grower and positioned the fruit as hero.

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New approaches were taken to collateral to keep communication on-point and relevant. The existing brand website was thoroughly audited and reconstructed with a user-first mentality. To keep to the promise of a unified voice, the U.S. website was replicated and customized for countries around the globe. Doing so has allowed each country to speak to their customers in their native language and deliver regionally-relevant information, all while keeping the overall brand experience consistent. 

Additional considerations were placed into the production of event support that would bring the Seminis brand to life. Sub-brand rollouts for new product varieties ready to be introduced in the marketplace were designed in a way that elevated the Seminis brand and the new product. 

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In the years since joining forces, the relationship between Paradowski and Seminis has consistently led to award-winning work, recognized by the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) organization. It seems our partnership gets better with every generation, too.