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LifeBridge: A focus on whole + person care

Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation

Building a Bridge to Better Health for East St. Louis


Southern Illinois Health Foundation (SIHF) needed to earn trust from a community that had endured generations of sub-standard medical treatment options to begin its mission of providing comprehensive, whole-health services.


A creative strategy for the transformation’s identity, built around authenticity and inclusivity. LifeBridge, the chosen identity, promised a bridge to a better future for community health.




brand strategy

web development

identity system design

primary research

user experience

“We are extremely pleased to be launching this much needed service for the residents of the greater East St. Louis metro area.”


After conducting listening sessions with residents and SIHF stakeholders, it was important that we distinguish the LifeBridge identity from the traditions of healthcare branding.

Traditional healthcare represented disappointment; we needed LifeBridge to feel hopeful.

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We leaned into a visual expression that was intentionally bright featuring a spectrum of colors. By emphasizing “whole+person care,” LifeBridge conveyed that personal health can not be separated from community health.

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A “LifeLine” ran through all campaign materials — printed collateral, paid media, OOH, and website — to connect residents with the future of their health. Photography and videography featuring residents of East St. Louis were taken in an artful, documentary style.

“Lines and Bridges” was a short film intended to introduce LifeBridge to the community.

With a small film crew by design, we were able to connect and collaborate on a personal level with members of the community.

A documentary-style film approach allowed us to capture joyful, authentic moments with people already working to make a difference in their community.

LifeBridge was introduced to the community at the urgent care facility groundbreaking ceremony in East St. Louis. As the first facility of its kind in the area, launching LifeBridge during this event epitomized the real change SIHF promised to bring to the region. In attendance were SIHF employees, local area politicians, church leaders and local area residents.

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We designed kits that would help educate children and encourage them to make healthy choices.

Illinois senator Christopher Belt at the groundbreaking event for the first urgent care facility in East St. Louis, IL.