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The Escape Artist is Out Now on Meta Quest

The VR escape room debuted at AWE EU 2023 and is featured on the Quest browser homepage.

The unveiling is complete: Paradowski Creative today released their latest original title, The Escape Artist, globally via the Meta Quest browser homepage and live at Augmented World Expo EU 2023 in Vienna, Austria, where game engine partner Wonderland Engine presented and demoed it at their booth.

It’s the follow-up to Paradowski's 2022 Game of the Year win at The WebXR Awards for Above Par-adowski Mini-Golf and breaks new ground in terms of visual, narrative and interaction design.

Take on the role of an artist’s elusive muse, deciphering hints and solving puzzles in an increasingly surreal environment to break through and find inspiration in this expansive narrative about the creative process.

In development since December 2022 and officially announced in March, the game was publicly beta tested throughout May, with player feedback informing the dramatic conclusion in the game's never-before-seen second and third levels. Look out for more behind-the-scenes content and a full-length case study on the making of this landmark WebXR experience soon.

The project is Paradowski’s latest demonstration that native-quality AR/VR games and experiences are achievable on the web, no app store nor install required. The game was built in partnership with Wonderland Engine and is hosted by Glitch/Fastly, with parts of its codebase open sourced in keeping with our vision for an open and accessible metaverse.

Break through to break free: