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The Truth Adds Up with FieldView

FieldView™ has matured and continues to be number one in the market. But being number one and speaking to technical features wasn't enough.

The challenge remained: Overcoming the emotional barriers that prevent farmers from signing up or using FieldView to its full potential.

Here’s what we knew:


FieldView is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool with simple, beautiful interfaces that make it intuitive, not intimidating, saving farmers time and helping them protect their yield.


Yet, customers are inundated with industry jargon that can add noise and unnecessary complexity, with a halo effect of making it feel harder to use than it actually is.


FieldView can only tell the truth about the land—nothing more, nothing less.

“The fact is that your farm always tells the truth. And when you know how to hear it, that truth is one of the most powerful tools a farmer can have. 

—Jerry Seuntjens, FieldView farmer 

We used this opportunity to find a larger one: By looking at the bigger picture, we saw the chance to refocus FieldView's messaging entirely. We banished buzzwords and spoke in short, simple sentences. We evoked confidence by sounding confident.

We blew up FieldView's beautiful screen interfaces and made them heroic, colorful, abstract works of art. The messaging and visuals were bold and straightforward, intended to echo the simplicity of the product itself.

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Targeted digital banners drove to a dedicated campaign landing page where visitors could learn more and sign up for FieldView.  

At its core, FieldView helps farmers see the simple truth in every input, every decision and every acre of land.

:30 and :15 online videos tailored to each approaching season drove conversions.

The Truth Adds Up campaign became a multi-touchpoint, multimedia effort with messaging and content tailored to farmers and dealers as well as internal Climate employees. At the heart of it all was a bold, no-nonsense sentiment:

FieldView is a digital tool for straight shooters. Get the unfiltered, honest take on where you did well and where to improve. For those without the time or patience to dress up the truth, there’s FieldView. Any product. Every practice. Measure it all. FieldView holds nothing back because you deserve the real, raw truth about what works and what doesn’t. 

The campaign also appeared across FieldView's social media channels.

The campaign was rigorously road-tested and received positive feedback from various focus groups. 

“Makes me think it is simple, more so than other competitors.”

—Competitive Platform User

Simplifying the language we use — and cutting straight to the chase of why someone should care — made the benefits immediately clear and lowered the emotional barriers.

Early performance data for the campaign is very encouraging, demonstrating that the refreshed messaging and bold new visual creative is resonating with the intended audience.

Since the launch of the campaign, which has been in market 7/28-present, FieldView.com/TruthAddsUp has seen 15,693 sessions and 18,021 pageviews.

The harvest creative (“Start harvest. See results.”) video & display have driven outstanding CTR thus far; outperforming all other creative running at the same time. The display efforts drove 12,278 clicks and 10,725 events interacted with FieldView.com/TruthAddsUp and held a CTR of 0.85% and Site Conversion Rate of 0.75%. The video drove the highest CTR at 0.12% among all other video creatives during the same time with a comparable video completion rate.

The growing season display creative (“See it. Solve it. Done.”) delivered 4,186 clicks, and 4,294 events interacted with FieldView.com/TruthAddsUp and the video (“Grow with control”) also performed very well with 441 clicks. 

“It portrays self-assuredness.”

—FieldView User

“Easy to understand, simply written.”

—FieldView User

“It is more straight-forward...it gave me a better idea of what the product is.”

—Competitive Platform User

If these early in-market results are any indication, we think we're onto something.