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Wyatt II

If there’s one quality you can pin on Mike Wyatt, it’s adaptability.

He is not of one mind, but of many. He exists not in a singular, homogeneous world, but finds himself to be connected across a vast array of social circles and communities. He is the kind of guy that can belong anywhere.

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Art and science, logic and creativity, procedure and improvisation—on any given day, you’ll find Mike utilizing the best of these worlds. In high school, he was both band geek and jock—spending autumn Friday nights marching in formation. Come winter, he took to the basketball court as point guard for the varsity team.

LEFT: Mike posing for his 2nd grade basketball team, the Warriors. RIGHT: Mike wearing a Jason Kidd jersey at the ‘96 Dallas Mavericks Summer Basketball Camp.
In a world of categorization, Mike Wyatt defies the typecast or archetype. And miraculously, you never get the feeling that adopting this diverse set of interests is an attempt to be worldly or impressive. Mike is simply guided by his curiosity, going wherever it takes him.

This adventurous spirit must be in part, be a product of his ever-changing environment growing up. His father’s work as an engineer took him as far North as Alberta Canada, to the deep South by way of Texas. Traveling all over the country must have given him the ability to quickly make new friends and fit in.

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Mike with his cousin Larry, standing atop a glacier in Jasper, Canada.

You wouldn’t know by his pronunciation, but Mike is a proud Southerner. Born in Alabama, spent the most time in Lone Star State, while his mother Jacqueline hails from the Deltas of Mississippi, and his Father, also named Michael, serves as the “northerner” of the family, born in Kansas City.

In the rare instance when emotion gets the best of him, Mike claims his southern accent emerges. Which one can imagine is a jarring experience for the recipient in two regards: one, you’ve drawn the ire of a man who rarely gets upset, and two, in the midst of his blind rage, you’ve forced him to adopt a different dialect. Although after speaking with him just once, it’s easy to see why making him angry would be far from a common occurrence.

One of the few conventions that endures with Mike is how his occupation matches his personality. Undoubtedly due to being the son of an engineer, he holds the traditional measured and reasoned approach of a physicist, mathematician, or scientist. This ability to problem solve has certainly aided his work as a developer.

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Mike letting his best friend Trey know the time.

Mike brings an envious level of effortlessness to his work. If our brains are computers, Mike is leveraging a serious piece of hardware in his cranium. Most of us are working with thumb drives, while Mike deploys the computational power of a quad-core processor and a terabyte of RAM. Although this is all just appearances. We can hope that his brain hurts at the end of the day like the rest of us...but we’ll never know for sure.

Mike and his mother Jacqueline Smith.

Upon the conclusion of high school, Mike used his skill of adaptation once again. To University of Missouri—Rolla he went to study Computer Engineering. With this background, Mike has an immense knowledge of the fundamentals of computing. Most developers stop at the browser or application—Mike has a deep understanding of the actual circuitry and electricity moving through our CPUs.

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Mike interviewing Talib Kweli for the music blog, Neoclef.

Although he majored in Computer Engineering, he miraculously has no formal training in web development. This aptitude for programing was born to support other hobbies and extracurriculars. When his engineering society needed a website, he took it upon himself to figure out Microsoft Publisher. While writing for various music blogs, he saw the need to learn Wordpress. And at the request of his dad, Mike learned the programming language Ruby to build a bible jeopardy game for his church.

Wyatt raises his hand and jumps in. Whether it’s programming, producing music, teaching saxophone, or setting a pick—if it needs be done, it’ll be done by him.

At Paradowski he goes by developer, but good luck keeping up with him or classifying this fine gentlemen. He’s seemingly always onto the next thing—a new venture in the latest iteration of Michael Lawrence Wyatt II. 

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